Alumni of Gamma-Chi

Where #EMAW meets #ΑΕΚΔΒ

Gamma-Chi is always happy to hear from Alumni of the chapter and to know what they've been up to since graduation. The Chapter publishes a newsletter each semester updating you with the chapter's latest information. There's a section for alumni as well; upload your accomplishments here to the PR Form hosted by Google Forms. Make sure to update your information with the national office by going here. Alumni of the Gamma-Chi Chapter have their own Facebook and LinkedIn Groups. You can access either by clicking the links to the social media above. 

"As men of Kappa Sigma Fraternity transition from their undergraduate tenures into their professional lives, one of the most important things to do is remain in contact with their respective college Chapters.  By maintaining a connection with their former undergraduate Chapter, Kappa Sigma Brothers bind themselves to the continuous history of the Brotherhood.

It is a wonderful feeling for undergraduates who are amidst college academics, extracurricular activities, jobs and chapter life to know that those who came before them in Kappa Sigma are interested and supportive of their strides and successes.  Not only does it fulfill a bond between the many classes and generations of a chapter, it preserves the legacy of Kappa Sigma Fraternity and ensures that it will continue for years to come.  In addition, keeping in touch with undergraduate chapters serves as an excellent way for alumni to stay aware of upcoming events." 

- Daniel Giller  (Alpha Chapter, Emory University)

Notable Alumni

  • Jimmy Buffett (Epsilon-Nu), singer

  • Craig Barrett (Beta Zeta), Chairman and former CEO, Intel

  • Teddy Ray Price (Theta Chi), CEO Central Management Company

  • Alan Mulally (Gamma-Omicron), President and CEO Ford Motor Company

  • Mike Eskew (Chi), CEO, UPS

  • William Hewlett (Beta-Zeta), founder, Hewlett Packard

  • Gary Forsee (Beta Chi), President and CEO of Sprint Nextel

  • Howard Hyle (Nu), Former Vice President of Coca-Cola

  • Cyrus R. Smith (Tau), Former President of American Airlines

  • Ben Gilmer (Beta-Eta), CEO, AT&T

  • Allen Jacobson (Gamma-Lambda), CEO, 3M Company

  • Jack Smith, Jr. (Gamma-Delta), President, General Motors

  • John P. Surma, Jr. (Alpha-Delta), Chairman and CEO of US Steel

  • David J. Fiser (Gamma-Chi), Vice President, Kansas Farm Bureau

  • Scottie Mayfield (Alpha-Tau), President, Mayfield Dairy Farms

  • Evan Spiegel (Beta-Zeta), Co-Founder and CEO, Snapchat

  • Alexander “Gordon” Jump (Gamma-Chi) Actor, Arthur Carlson (AKA "The Big Guy") on WKRP in Cincinnati