Gamma-Chi Hall of Fame

Our alumni are like no other!

About the Gamma-Chi Alumni Hall of Fame

The Hall of Fame was conceived as a way to recognize our alumni for outstanding achievements. This honor has become an integral part of our tradition. Kappa Sigma is a fraternity with great pride and a tradition of excellence, and our many distinguished alumni have served to enhance this throughout the years. The Gamma-Chi Chapter has seen many Brothers rise to positions of great respect. The Hall of Fame inductees are among a select group of alumni. Recognition comes to those who have excelled in their career, or in their service to the community, and/or to the Fraternity. Each inductee receives a personal plaque to take home.

Note about Missing Biographies

We are unable to locate bio’s for Hall of Fame members prior to 2001 (bio’s are a summary of the alumnus’ life and career, which are read during the Pig Dinner induction ceremony, and may have been published in Pig Dinner programs or separately). If you have copies of bio’s for any Hall of Fame inductees (prior to 2001), please email We would greatly appreciate it if we could borrow your copy for duplication.


Jim Lipari '82
Brian Bednar '79


Steve Stoltenberg '75

Justin Hockersmith '83

Clint Simon '95


Col. Hal H. McCord '30

Richard “Vince” Wells '49

Larry "Sam" Sutton '60


Tom Carrico '57

N.K. "Sam" Moore '56

John Harris '77


Hon. Thomas M. Tuggle '61

Dennis P. Anderson '76

John W. Eggerman '45

Albert L. Engle '58


Dave Fiser '58

Don Wenger '50

John Laurie '59


G. "Bud" Spencer '45

F. Lynn Markel '60

Richard Holmes '42


James A. Coffman '57

Dale H. Sieling '29​

Arthur C. Cotts '47​​

A. Gordon Jump '55