Giving Back to Gamma-Chi

Gamma-Chi is grateful for all donations made by alumni and non-alumni. Those interested in donating may do so here through LegFi or directly through Venmo via @kappa-sigma-23, or @KappaSigma-Alumni (last four digits of the phone number are 0033).


There is also a PayPal to maintain the storage locker. Parties can also donate through the "Send Money" option in PayPal to Please contact with any questions about the storage locker or how to make donations directly to the storage facility. 

Additionally, a PO Box is available for incoming mail to the Chapter or Alumni:


Kappa Sigma Alumni

PO Box 172

Topeka, KS 66061-0178

Interested parties can also send mail directly to the K-State Student Union at the address below:

Kappa Sigma Fraternity 

004 K-State Student Union

918 N. Martin Luther King Jr. Dr.

Manhattan, KS 66506

Please make checks payable to Kappa Sigma Fraternity or Kappa Sigma Alumni for whichever party you're donating to. 


Thank you for your support!