The Gamma-Chi Permanent Collection is the archives and memorabilia of the chapter. This initiative was started in 2020, following the below discovery in 2019:

December 2019, Gamma-Chi, while surfing through social media and other sites to monitor the chapter's reputation online, discovered three paddles from the 1950s for sale on eBay from Brother Carl "Moose" Nestler, who had recently passed away. For the first time in what is believed to be 50 years, the paddles came home to Kansas State and rejoined the Chapter.

Seeing the paddles forsaken was heartbreaking, so Gamma-Chi created the Permanent Collection Initiative to allow Brothers to donate or return any materials from the Chapter they no longer wish to have, to prevent "lost heirlooms" and chapter memorabilia like the paddles going to eBay. Any Brother, or family of a Brother may contact the Chapter through the Contact Us page or by emailing to arrange a donation. All materials are inventoried and either kept in secure storage or redistributed for the Chapter's current members to use, pending the wishes of the donors.