Shamrock Club

Announcing the return of the forefathers

The Shamrock Club is a group of Gamma-Chi Alumni who have chosen to give back to the Chapter through financial support and teaching abilities and is the official mentorship program run by the Chapter to bring our active Brothers and Alumni together. The program is hosted by the Alumni Relations Chair of the Chapter and offers affordable benefits to both the active Brothers and Alumni. This is a unique way for Gamma-Chi to reconnect with our alumni. The name "Shamrock Club" is used in homage to the original name of the Chapter.

Benefits of the Shamrock Club

All members of the Shamrock Club receive a custom made plaque of appreciation, mailed to their residence, or hand delivered to them, as well as special recognition in the Chapter website, in Gamma-Chi Today, and on all the official Chapter social media channels, including the Alumni Facebook and LinkedIn groups.

Membership Requirements of the Shamrock Club

Membership is contingent on the following conditions:


  • All members are alumni of the Gamma-Chi Chapter of Kappa Sigma at Kansas State University


  • Create one (approx.) hour long presentation for the Chapter over any subject they choose pertaining to Kappa Sigma or the Chapter, once per calendar year

    • Present said presentation to the Chapter either in person or over an accessible web platform such as ZOOM

    • Presentation should be insightful to the historical memories, or actions of the Chapter or similar projects

    • Details such as wins, losses, and more for the Chapter are great information to have--make sure to have fun with your presentation!


  • Actively academically mentor a Brother in the Chapter in a similar or chosen field of study

    • At least three times per academic year

    • Active Brother signs off on mentorship

    • Ensure that all mentoring does not violate KSU Honor Pledge

Financial Support